– We are an innovative technology company awarded as the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund grantee, with focus on Blockchain Solutions - Digital Assets management including copyright protection & digital Intellectual Properties promotion eco-system.

Vision : For the internationalisation of the national creative, cultural and design industries in the future, our ERInnO platform is a Blockchain platform of the Greater China area IP value-adding and interests protection entity.

Our missions are to provide a collaborative platform by cultivating the 3 major scopes of services : 

Provide IP protection through Blockchain technology ( )

Through our services of setting up IP Smart Contracts, artists’ creations can be registered and protected by our Blockchain platform, after having registered their pieces in our platform to effectively determine the creatorship/ ownership & version control.  Our Blockchain platform will have unique encryptions for each artist’s original pieces registered and the platform can be the best proof for continuous IP protection process / legal actions by the IP owners.

Promote IP to the world through social media & online branding professionals ( )

Our platform has a copyright gallery/ marketplace to provide clients from the corporate marketing or merchant companies with diversified choices of artists, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers, etc. to co-create new values around the world.  Also, creators can register their IP activities and establish their relationship among the supply chain of brand licensing & franchising industries and clients can certainly verify the IP rights by proven creators.

Persuade the advisory services of digital assets – crypto art NFT approach ( )

Help to handle the development of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) which are digital certificates to authenticate ownership of IP assets for selling or transferring.  The key differences between NFTs and cryptocurrencies are that NFTs are ‘non-fungible’ by definition with much higher security to restrict and prove individual ownership of each digital asset, while cryptocurrencies allow ‘fungible trade’ meaning all Bitcoins can be exchanged for equal value with one another.

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